Spiritual Healing


Edition: 1st

Publisher: Tenshi Publishing

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-7399170-0-5

E-Book ISBN-13: 978-1-7399170-1-2

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Spiritual Healing

A Guide to Getting Started

Spiritual Healing is an ancient art. It is a system of healing that uses energy to bring health and well-being to all levels of the individual. Healing energy can be described as bioelectromagnetic. Bioelectromagnetism is the study of the interaction between biological entities such as humans, and electromagnetic fields such as the one that surrounds our body - our auric field.

Healing energy can be broken down into three types of energy; personal energy, also known as Chi or Ki, psychic energy and a higher spiritual energy which involves working with God, the Divine, Spirit.

When faced with intense pain, ongoing stress, shock, or when we are confronted with situations or issues in life that we either refuse to see, feel, or deal with or even when a situation is too painful or traumatic to tolerate, we can automatically shut down to protect ourselves.

This shutting down process is an automatic, instinctive survival technique of the body to avoid pain and to give the illusion of still being in control.  This kind of protection is very powerful but can also be very negative and damaging for the person experiencing it. The negative energy is often stored or trapped in the body and literally can leave a person emotionally crippled at the age of the shut-down.

Spiritual Healing - A Guide to Getting Started will help you to heal yourself and assist you to bring healing to others. Healing is a journey, a journey that requires your commitment and focus, a journey that has the potential to transform your life.

I hope you enjoy reading Spiritual Healing and I hope you enjoy your inwards journey.

Spiritual Healing does NOT replace your doctor or any other health practitioner nor does it advocate ignoring their advice.

Kenzo has been in the Healing field for decades, she has brought healing into the lives of many people from all walks of life. She uses psychotherapy and healing techniques to bring about a deeper and swifter level of healing. This book has been specifically written for those just starting out on their healing journey.


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