WEBSITE UPDATED: I am pleased to say that Tenshi Publishing has recently been updated, we have our first author up and running with four of her books available for purchase via this website, but please note we are currently only shipping to the UK. For any orders outside of the UK please email us to discuss quantities and terms. 

We have the ‘Meet the Author’ page up for more information on the author and are now open for submissions but please follow the guidelines from the drop down menu.

We are a micro publisher and with that in mind we do charge a fee for our services but we are not a ‘vanity publisher.’ We work hard to promote and sell our authors books and authors keep the full rights to their books and the only royalties we take are from the books we sell.

We hope you enjoy the books we offer and that you will return frequently. The selection of books will grow slowly as we pick and choose which authors to work with. Unfortunately, as we are so small we will only be working with ten authors to start with which may or may not grow later on. The ethos for Tenshi Publishing is ‘family’ and therefore we wish to remain small enough to work closely with our authors.

Please pop back from time to time as Tenshi grows, this is a slow process and cannot be rushed.

Thank you for being here – The Tenshi Team